Risk Management Consultants

Our Clients

MAC clients include many well-known corporations, law firms, adventure industry companies, adventure insurance services, film, television and media companies, Government agencies and private individuals.

Our Consultants

MAC is check registered with the law societies of UK directories of expert witnesses. We are actively involved and maintain a network of highly trained and seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds in hazardous workplace risk management  including: ex military specialists; AfPE Institute of Expert Witnesses; sport specialists and expert accident investigators.


MAC provide clients with consultants that have the breadth and depth of experience needed to address the workplace hazards faced today and management the risk our clients face today throughout the world, sometimes in remote environments.

Advice and Support

* HSE, including AALA Technical Advice
* BS 8848 and ISO Adventure Tourism Advice and assistance
* Youth Services outdoor activities
* Film and media risk management service
* Adventure holiday industry
* Companies operating in hazardous/hostile areas, including Oil and Gas industry
* Private individuals in hazardous/hostile environments worldwide
* Private security advice and assistance in hostile environments
* High ropes courses advice and assistance
* Helicopter operations advice and assistance in hazardous/hostile environments

* Water based activities

Accident and Investigation

* Hazardous and Hostile work places
* Leisure industry
* School PE and Sport
* Sport/Games/Leisure
* Mountain activities and snow sports
* Adventure Tourism Industry

Personal Injury and Fatal Accident

* Workplace hazards
* Manual handling
* Sport and leisure injuries
* Armed forces and police activities (accidents)
* Human contributory factors in accidents

Experience of:

*Personal Injury
* Professional negligence
* Giving evidence in court
* Trained in legal aspects of report writing and evidence in court (Bond Salon courses)

Sport and Leisure Industry

* School PE and sport and games
* Mountain and skiing safety
* Sports
* Sports equipment
* Outdoor sports
* Winter snow sports
* Water sports and power boating
* Holiday industry
* Fitness training

Geographical areas of work

* MAC consultants operate worldwide and have a network of agents, in country to support their operations.

Recommended Safety Guidance and Documentation

travel safety

News story on Gov UK:  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/adventure-calling

Guidance page with checklist: https://www.gov.uk/safer-adventure-travel-and-volunteering-overseas

Checklist as a publication: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/432889/adventure_checklist.pdf

Safety in Adventure Tourism through operating to ISO standards